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SINCE 2007

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Sinphar merged with community pharmacies in 2007, establishing an innovative shopping channel—Sinphar Counter—which adopts a shop-in-shop business model.
The vision of the Sinphar Counter is to gather professional pharmacists who can work together to provide consumers with specialized and reliable pharmaceutical services. 

Sinphar Counter's Three Major Commitments

Comprehensive Services

Sinphar Counter has over hundreds of types of products, including pharmaceutical products, health food products, and cosmetics.

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Product Assurance

Sinphar's pharmaceutical products have passed PIC/S GMP, ISO 9001, ISO 17025, and ISO 14001 quality certifications.In 1996, Sinphar won the SME Award, the first pharmaceutical company to win this award, and Sinphar's health care food products have passed heavy metal tests. Sinphar implements stringent quality control over each and every of its products.

Professional Service

A professional pharmacist is stationed in each Sinphar Counter store to offer professional consultation services that can answer any pharmaceutical-related questions consumers have.