Life, Health, and Technology

Chairman, Tim Lee

"Tim Lee, the Chairman of Sinphar, graduated from the School of Pharmacy at Kaohsiung Medical School. He had served as a director of a foreign-invested pharmaceutical plant in Taiwan. In 1977, Tim founded Sinphar Pharmaceutical and leveraging his professional ability in management strategy, Tim led Sinphar in advancing toward an international pharmaceutical organization.

Tim had served as the director/president of Taiwan Research-based Biopharmaceutical Manufacturers Association (TRBMA), the National Association of Small and Medium Enterprises, Small and Medium Enterprise Award Committee, Chinese-Canadian Academic and Professional Association, Canadian Sinphar Medication Association, and Canadian Aging and Cancer Foundation. Currently, he serves as the director of the Research Center for Biotechnology and Medicine Policy, Institute for Biotechnology and Medicine Industry, Taiwan Cancer Foundation, Taiwan Breast Cancer Foundation, and Youngsun Education Foundation, contributing immensely to the pharmaceuticals and cultural domains."


Management Team

  • Yi-Ta Lee, Vice Chairman/Chief Science Officer/PhD.

    Sinphar Group, Vice Chairman and Technology Management Office

  • Yu-Liang Pei, General Manager

    Sinphar Pharmaceuticals

  • Muh-Hwan Su, General Manager/Professor/Chief Science Officer

    SynCore Biotechnology

  • Ju-Nee Yeo, General Manager

    CanCap Pharmaceutical

  • Neng-Yi Yu, General Manager

    Chinese Affairs Office

  • Chao-Jih Wang, General Manager/PhD.

    Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou)

  • Neng-Yu Yu, General Manager

    ZuniMed Biotech

  • Yi-Mei Lou, Assistant General Manager

    Sinphar Group

  • Chih-Hsiao Chen, Assistant General Manager/Chief Financial Officer/Spokesperson

    Sinphar Group