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  • Sinphar Potent Plus Soft Capsules has obtained the anti-fatigue healthy food certificate, and Its unique anti-fatigue formula was awarded the US invention patent certification (Patent No.: US10485836B2).
  • Niangjia Lipucan® Capsules developed and produced by Sinphar was awarded the "Nutraceutical Innovation Award" from the Health Food Society of Taiwan.
  • Sinphar introduced Magnesium oxide from Japan to fight the constipation medicine market with an annual consumption of more than 460 million tablets.
  • Sinphar took the initiative to recall and comprehensively checked the products, taken with full responsibility after the results of some products did not meet the specifications for stability tests. 
  • Sinphar set up a cultural relic’s room for Chiang Ku and won the champion of the Hengchun Chiang Ku Festival.
  • The global phase III clinical trial of SynCore Biotechnology SB05 pancreatic cancer announced the results of the interim analysis: The independent data monitoring committee (DMC) did not mention safety issues and suggested that the clinical trial can continue without modifying the plan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was awarded 2020 Taipei Biotechnology Award-Innovative Technology Award-Excellence Award for "using cationic liposome technology to develop innovative prescriptions and successfully conduct global phase III clinical trials".
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical and Asahi Godo Inc. signed an exclusive distribution contract for the patented Protygold® Walnut Oligopeptide.


  • Sinphar was awarded 2019 Excellent Food Manufacturer Model by the Food and Drug Administration.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical’s newly developed Protygold® Walnut Oligopeptide was the first patented refreshing factor and won the Plant Extract Product Innovation Award of 2019 CPHI China.
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 pancreatic cancer indication received approval to conduct phase III clinical trial in China.
  • Sinphar's targeted anti-lung cancer therapeutic drug Gefitinib has obtained the PMDA approval and is among the first wave of generic drugs in Japan.
  • Obtained voluntary GMP certification for good manufacturing of cosmetics.
  • Sinphar soft Capsules and Powder production line has passed the HALAL certification of MUI.


  • SynCore Biotechnology held the "International Pancreatic Cancer Forum", inviting experts from Taiwan, the US, and KOR to discuss global pancreatic cancer treatment and trends in Taiwan.
  • Sinphar Potent Plus Soft Capsules has been approved by the Ministry of Health and Welfare as a nutritional supplements certification for "anti-fatigue function".
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) has been awarded the 15th National Innovation Award in the Startup Company Category by the IBMI.
  • SynCore Biotechnology SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) development plan won the “Taiwan BIO Awards- Innovation of the Year”.
  • SynCore Biotechnology has received the Approval to Conduct SB05 PC for Phase III Clinical Trial in Taiwan, the US, France, Hungary, South Korea, Russia, Israel.
  • SynCore Bio Signs Agreement with British Company Epipole to Distribute Eye Disease Diagnosis Fundus Cameras in Taiwan.


  • Sinphar signed a contract with Tai Tzu-Ying, the top-ranked women’s singles badminton player in the world, as the health ambassador.
  • Sinphar signed a contract with Kyowa Chemical Industry Co., Ltd (JP) for the examination and registration of gastrointestinal medication in Taiwan, and it’ll be sold exclusively at Sinphar pharmacy.
  • Sinphar donated nutritional supplements for the National Ilan University gymnastics team, sponsored athletes and local sports development.
  • SynCore Biotechnology received the US and Taiwan clearance of SB05 (EndoTAG®-1) to conduct the phase 3 pancreatic cancer clinical trial.
  • SynCore Biotechnology published the results of phase 1 clinical trial of the novel small molecule anti-cancer drug at ASCO.
  • Sinphar donated nutritional supplements to the National Games Yilan team, and donated NT$5 million to the Yilan County Sports Development Education Fund as a reward for the best performers in the National Games.
  • Sinphar Memoregain Capsules, the Health Supplements of Cistanche tubulosa, have obtained the "Anti-Aging" certification approved by the MOHW.
  • Sinphar won the High Distinction Award of the 106th Yilan County Public Health Bureau's Excellent Breastfeeding Room Selection Activity.
  • Sinphar signed a technology transfer cooperation with a major ophthalmic pharmaceutical (JP) to jointly expand the Asian market.
  • SynCore Biotechnology to Participate at the BIO-Europe 2017 – 23rd Annual International Partnering Conference.
  • SynCore Biotechnology’s Board of Directors provides new drug development and medical subsidies through donations to the National Health Research Institutes and the Formosa Cancer Foundation to expand pancreatic cancer first-line medication options.
  • Sinphar participated in the 3rd Cross-Strait Pole-climbing festival, and won the first place.


  • SynCore Biotechnology's new drug SB05 (EndoTAG-1) was approved for phase III clinical trial by Australian and Taiwanese authorities.
  • The Company passed the PIC/SGMP inspection by the Department of Health for its cytotoxic agents (coated tablet) and injections (sterile), providing Taiwan's first production sites that respectively adopt a closed system to manufacture cytotoxic solid agents and an isolator to manufacture cytotoxic injection agents.
  • The plant extraction laboratory of Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) was completed.
  • SynCoreBio Signs Contract with Swiss Company Y-YBar To Jointly Develop Precision Instruments for the Diagnosis of Eye Diseases
  • Sinphar signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Food Safety Inspection and Testing Center of Yilan County Government.


  • SynCore Biotechnology cooperated with National Taiwan University Hospital in establishing the Age-Related Macular Degeneration Research Center. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology's new anti-cancer NCE, SB01, was approved for phase II clinical trial for head and neck cancer by Taiwan and U.S. FDA.
  • SynCore Biotechnology signed a co-development contract for SB04 eye drop with AJU PHARM Korea. title
  • The Company's Isoacteoside acquired patent from Taiwan.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) began construction of raw material plant.
  • The Company's cytotoxic capsule product passed PIC/SGMP inspection by the Department of Health.
  • ZuniMed Biotech passed ISO15378 certification and became the first biotech company in Taiwan to acquire GMP certification from the Ministry of Health and Welfare.
  • SynCore Biotechnology was honored with the Silver Award under Pharmaceutical Group in the 2015 Pharmaceutical Technology Research and Development Award.


  • SynCore Biotechnology's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in Taiwan.
  • Sinphar QH soft gel capsule received the Health Care Food Innovation Award by the Health Food Society of Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology acquired a commentary from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA, substantiating that the Company is involved in marketable technological business and has successfully developed products or technologies.
  • SynCore Biotechnology (stock code: 4192) was publicly listed on GTSM. title
  • The Company launched its second plant in Yilan headquarter for undertaking automated, isolated production of cancer drugs.
  • SynCore Biotechnology received the New Potential Award in the 2014 Outstanding Biotech Industry Award from the Taiwan Bio Industry Organization.


  • Subsidary Sinphar Tian-Li Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. (HANGZHOU) signed a New Drug Collaboration Agreement with Kanion Pharmaceutial. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology acquired the license to sell Veregen in Taiwan.
  • SynCore Biotechnology and MediGene, a German listed company, signed an investment agreement and acquired manufacturing and marketing rights for global phase III clinical trial on SB05. title
  • SynCore Biotechnology passed the TIPS inspection by the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


  • Acquired a pharmaceutical grade plastic container manufacturing plant and changed its name to "ZuniMed Biotech."
  • ZuniMed Biotech's new AMD drug was approved for phase II/III clinical trial in the United States by U.S. FDA.
  • Commenced the construction of Sinphar's second plant for manufacturing cancer drugs (isolated, automated production).
  • Entered an agreement with Japan DAITO for co-development and manufacturing of anti-cancer drugs.
  • ZuniMed Biotech and MediGene signed an agreement to cooperate in co-development of the new cancer drug (SB05) and conduct phase III clinical trial of SB05.
  • In accordance with the Act For The Development Of Biotech And New Pharmaceuticals Industry, the MOHW approved ZuniMed Biotech as a new drug biotech company, and subsequently, the company changed its name to Syncore Biotechnology.
  • SynCore Biotechnology won the Gold Award in the 2012 Taiwan Biomedical Competition. title


  • Passed Taiwan's Department of Health PIC/SGMP inspection and GMP evaluation for plant construction.
  • ZuniMed Biotech entered into an agreement with MediGene in acquiring exclusive right to manufacture and sell Veregen, the only botanical medicine approved by U.S. FDA, in Taiwan.
  • The Company once again cooperated with DAITO in developing and producing anti-cancer drugs.
  • ZuniMed Biotech and U.S. MacuCLEAR signed an agreement pertaining to authorization of a new AMD drug, which has completed phase I clinical drug as approved by U.S. FDA, in Asia and Australia.


  • The Company cooperated with DAITO in developing and producing anti-breast cancer tablets. title
  • ZuniMed Biotech's SB01 item was approved by the U.S. FDA and Taiwan Department of Health for phase I clinical trial.


  • Received the BSI OHSAS18001 certification.
  • The Company invested in the comprehensive validation and official pilot operation of R&D-related equipment for PIC/S cancer and eye drop manufacturing plants.
  • The Company passed the ISO-22000 food safety certification.
  • Eye drop manufacturing plant passed Japanese government inspections.


  • The Company officially launched the operation of its recruit training center and staging center.
  • Signed a Technology Transfer Contract for Exclusive R&D Outcome of Novel Small Anti-Cancer Drug with the National Health Research Institute, and collectively established the ZuniMed Biotech to develop anti-cancer drugs.
  • The Company was honored the Best Asian Listed Company in the Global Market.


  • Established the Sinphar Counter, using the marketing appeal, A Health Neighbor and a Home Nursing Station, and actively expanding its business. title
  • The Company developed a taminace-based health care food—Sinphar Taminace Nutritional Capsule—which passed food inspection by Taiwan Department of Health (DOH-Jian-Shih-Zi-No. A00102).
  • Acquired its Taipei-based office in Xinyi District on Dongxing Road


  • Passed the ISO14001 environmental management system by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection.
  • Self-developed drug STA-2 passed U.S. FDA IND inspection and approved for entry into phase II clinical trial.
  • Establish headquarters in Yilan to facilitate efficient decision-making and operation.
  • Memoregain developed by Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) acquired the Chinese Category II Drug license and certificate and was approved for launching into the market.



  • Passed the ISO9001 quality certification by the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection and signed a Contract Manufacturing Agreement with a Japanese pharmaceutical company.
  • Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou) launched the operation of its new 22,000 m2 plant.
  • Passed TGA pre-inspection and Chinese medicine software and hardware inspection.
  • Established the ZuniMed Biotech that focuses on the development of nano-technologies.
  • Received the Fourth Industrial Sustainable Excellence Award from the Industrial Development Bureau, MOEA.


  • Received approval to invest in Sinphar Tianli Pharmaceutical (Hangzhou)
  • Stocks officially transferred from OTC trading (stock code: 4112) to being listed on Taiwan stock exchange (stock code: 1734).
  • Sinphar R&D center was completed and became the main entity involved in new drug development and cooperative R&D of technologies.
  • Cooperated with Peking University in the development of new botanical drugs and established the He-Tian Tianli Pharmaceutical Development, setting up a GAP base for planting Chinese herbal medicines.


  • Invested in the construction of a R&D technology building.
  • The Company's new anti-cancer drug, Phyxolinjection, was approved by the Department of Health for launching into the market and acquired sales, supply, and manufacturing rights in Taiwan, China, and other Far East regions.
  • Passed the first phase cGMP validation and received a gold-engraved award from the Department of Health.


  • Engaged in plant expansion and acquired G.M.P. hardware certification from Taiwan Industrial Development Bureau.
  • Stocks were listed for OTC trading (stock code: 4719).
  • CanCap Pharmaceutical acquired Canadian GMP pharmaceutical certification.


  • CanCap Pharmaceutical invested in product marketing in North American regions.
  • Constructed specialized plant for manufacturing soft sugar tablets and soft gel capsules.


  • Established CanCap Pharmaceutical in Canada to facilitate overseas expansion.


  • Won the Fifth SME Award.


  • Cooperated with Johnson & Johnson Medical Co. in producing liquid agents, and its technology was affirmed by the foreign pharmaceutical.


  • Passed GMP inspection and gained 65 pharmaceutical licenses.


  • The Company was established with a capital of NT$10 million. title